Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Happy New Years! Wow can you believe it's 2010?

Over at Scrap Tiffany her last challenge of the year was Resolutions. I would of love to have played but I am under the weather and running out of time, so instead I thought I would just do a post on my resolutions for 2010. I am HORRIBLE at keeping resolutions so this year instead of the usual (loose weight, be happier etc...) I thougth I would try some that were more scrap focused. So here are mine:

1. To get onto a design team. I would just LOVE to be on a team. One that has great challenges that get you to think outside the box, shows great techniques and has a great team of talented women (and men)!

2. To use my pazzle more! I got my Pazzle Inspiration a couple of years ago and I think I've used it 3 times! Sad - I know! It's such an awesome tool with soooo many possiblities. So my hubby said that he would like to have it out by the laptop and he would make something to house it (as it does take up alot of real estate!).
3. To meet and get to know other scrapping gals! This is sad but I don't have too many friends :( as we are pretty busy and I don't get out much! (pretty pathetic isn't it???) I would love to either start a scrap club or something that gets other crafty women together once a month to talk scrap, scrap and learn from each other! I need this! So this is going to be the hardest one for me this year :)

4. To use supplies that I have! I have soooo much! And need to use up those supplies before I buy more. I try to not get too wrapped up in what is 'in' as like all fads, they get 'out' too fast. So I would like to use my stash and go back to my way of using on each project ' something old, something new (as I always have something new), and try a new technique'.

5. Scrap, scrap and scrap!!!

What are your resolutions? I would love to hear them?

Here's to 2010 and reaching your resolutions!


Ellen said...

Hi Stacy!!! I love your blog... I'm following you now!!! We'll have fun together!!!

whoistracy said...

Hey Stacy, looks like your first resolution came true! ;o) Looking forward to working with you!!