Friday, September 24, 2010

hello *there*


Sorry I haven't posted in a while but it has been a little crazy around here. So I have some news! I was accepted to be an artist at the Art Hive where I will be selling my goodies from hello *there*!

What is hello *there* you ask? Well my site is still under construction as I am working hard at getting stock made to go to the hive but essentially it's my new venture to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Walk to Cure Diabetes! I am soooo EXCITED! I have been making stuff like mad to go into the Hive and will be posting pics soon. But for a looksee check out my blog hello *there* and click on Scrapbook Kits. Oh and did I mention that every penny that I make will go towards the walk? So excited!!

I just LOVE the work that Rebecca Sower does and she is constantly inspiring me and I just fell in love with a journal that she did named TELL. I emailed her to see if it would be ok to reproduce the birdcage for a kit that I wanted to make to sell on hello *there* and she said YES! So excited that one - she emailed me and two that I could recreate these little birdcages for my Be Free kit. Here is a look at the kit that I am selling for $20 (CAD) - but quick - I only have 3 kits (as I might just keep the fourth for myself).

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to stop by hello *there* to check out this great kit!


Friday, September 3, 2010

The new Crop Suey

Well Crop Suey is under new management  - Mia has taken over and she has asked me to help her be her co-conspirator! So many exciting changes are going to be happening including TWO tutorials per month! Great challenges and some extremely talented new ladies! So keep posted as the challenges will start in the fall!

For now check out Crop Suey and the new design team - you might just know one of them!

elizabeth carney
natalie macdonald
heather leopard
cassie box
mara campbell
norine borys
sarah mullanix

And the two super talented tutorial guru's!!! :) :)

trina kison
sharon bertollino

Have a great long weekend everyone!

I'm back on the computer!

So what an adventure it has been to get a new computer.... first we were told it was a video card on  our laptop so that means $600-700 so we went down again a week later to a town 1.5 hrs away to buy a new computer. We had it at the counter and was going to pay when the tech guy came and said why are we getting a new computer when it was just the harddrive - $90, so bought the harddrive but because we didn't leave the disk behind we had to load it ourselves... well that didn't work.... actually turned out it was the video card!!!! So hubby drove back down and bought the computer that we were going to buy just days before....... anyhoooo got a free bamboo tablet, and a free webcame. So not shabby.... think the monitor is bigger than my tv (hee hee).... so waiting to get photoshop back on......

have lots to share with you so make sure to check the next post!!!

Bye for now!