Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm back on the computer!

So what an adventure it has been to get a new computer.... first we were told it was a video card on  our laptop so that means $600-700 so we went down again a week later to a town 1.5 hrs away to buy a new computer. We had it at the counter and was going to pay when the tech guy came and said why are we getting a new computer when it was just the harddrive - $90, so bought the harddrive but because we didn't leave the disk behind we had to load it ourselves... well that didn't work.... actually turned out it was the video card!!!! So hubby drove back down and bought the computer that we were going to buy just days before....... anyhoooo got a free bamboo tablet, and a free webcame. So not shabby.... think the monitor is bigger than my tv (hee hee).... so waiting to get photoshop back on......

have lots to share with you so make sure to check the next post!!!

Bye for now!


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