Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

One last post before we leave for our family xmas. I wanted to post a picture of my mom's jewelry box but wrapped it before I took some pics so will do so after she opens it. I have been having brain farts alot lately :)

Every year since my son was born I have been making these little cd calendars for family. My mom and brother received one last year that I had put magnets on the back so they could mount it on the fridge as the cd case I used did not open like the jewel cases. I like this better as they can store the other months in the case. This year I made one for my inlaws as well. This year I ran out of time to design my own so I bought a template from Sweet Shoppe Designs- 2010 CD Calendar by Dani Mogstad . Easy to do and a great gift. I had to swap out a few of the months with a kit I bought last year from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs.
Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!
Keep your fingers crossed for me as Crop Suey still haven't picked their design team yet - so I still have a chance!

Monday, December 14, 2009


I am so excited! Check this out! I am the winner of The Next Step's November RAK! I entered my Good Night page for their 'around the kitchen' theme as I did this layout out of paper towels. Yipee! Hope everyone is keeping warm out west and everyone around here have found their way out of the massive amounts of snow!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Stationary Sets

I had sooooo much fun making these! I am soooo inspired by Tara Anderson - I just love her work. I had this kit from My Minds Eye that I had purchased for a class I was teaching and cut the pattern paper into strips along with some vintage sheet music and text paper. I adhered teh strips to some cardstock and then cut them lenghtwise into strips, stiched the edges and made some note cards, a bookmark and for one of the gifts I made a birthday book with some chipboard, binding ribbon and some old ledger paper (insde of book). I also used the pattern paper and adhered some pebbles on them and then stuck some magnets on the backs. I hope they like their cute little stationary sets! Thanks for looking. And wish me luck as Crop Suey will be announcing their design team this weekend!
If you haven't been here in a while keep reading as I have done 4 posts tonight! :)
Bye for now... have a few more things on my craft table - a jewelry box and some craft carry-alls for 13 little kiddies!

Snowmen Ornaments - Family members do not read further

Ok... post number 3 today! I had SOOOOO much fun with these! I have been so inspired by Linda Albrecht's snowmen that I wanted to try my hand at them. I had bought some paper mache clay a while ago and with some styrofoam balls I was able to make the heads. I was a little scared they looked like scary old men with no teeth, but after painting them and glittering them up I just love them! I had some left over blocks from last year's ornaments and again using scraps from my Martha Stewart xmas pack I made the blocks, accordian collars and hats. I hope the recipients enjoy them as much as I did making them! Thanks for looking!

Gift card holders - family members do not read further!

As per my usual self, I try to make most of my gifts and I LOVE to make nice packaging for my store bought gifts. This year I am giving some giftcards and thought it would be nice to make some nice holders for them. I also have a collection of toilet paper rolls for my son to craft and thought that I would use them myself. So by using some new stamps I bought, some staz-0n, fabric, scraps of music paper, lace, and some old holly I could make some pretty nice gift card holders.

I took the toilet paper rolls and using my decorative cutters I cut the ends then stiched the one end closed. I then stamped some fabric with some staz-on and my Prima bingo stampo. Then I stiched that onto some Martha Stewart xmas papers. I had also stamped my new xmas stamps onto some tags then stiched around the edges. I also then stiched on some lace and music sheet paper onto the paper then adhered the stamp and holly on. The gift cards (still have to purchase - yes I am a last minute xmas shopper!) are then wrapped with tissue paper and adorned with ribbon and glitter stars. Easy peasy! I did do it like a factory line and it went by so quick. Also used some Making Memories little letter stickers for the recipients name. Hope they like it. Think that next year I will make an advent calendar out of these with numbers on the front and using wire or pipe cleaners will make little 'buckets' out of them!

Happy holiday crafting!

Christmas Ornament


Sorry it has been a bit since my last post. Been busy doing xmas presents and dealing with the massive amount of snowfall in the last three days! Our area has been called a state of emergency! Crazy! So happy we live in town now and not in the bush!

This picture is of the ornament I made for my son this year. It was done at the Art Hive's Crafty Girls night. It's a family tradition to do ornaments so this is my son's this year. Lots of fun, something I have never done before. Minus the few jabs to the fingers it was so much fun to make!

Hope you are having fun making all your xmas pressies this year!