Friday, December 11, 2009

Gift card holders - family members do not read further!

As per my usual self, I try to make most of my gifts and I LOVE to make nice packaging for my store bought gifts. This year I am giving some giftcards and thought it would be nice to make some nice holders for them. I also have a collection of toilet paper rolls for my son to craft and thought that I would use them myself. So by using some new stamps I bought, some staz-0n, fabric, scraps of music paper, lace, and some old holly I could make some pretty nice gift card holders.

I took the toilet paper rolls and using my decorative cutters I cut the ends then stiched the one end closed. I then stamped some fabric with some staz-on and my Prima bingo stampo. Then I stiched that onto some Martha Stewart xmas papers. I had also stamped my new xmas stamps onto some tags then stiched around the edges. I also then stiched on some lace and music sheet paper onto the paper then adhered the stamp and holly on. The gift cards (still have to purchase - yes I am a last minute xmas shopper!) are then wrapped with tissue paper and adorned with ribbon and glitter stars. Easy peasy! I did do it like a factory line and it went by so quick. Also used some Making Memories little letter stickers for the recipients name. Hope they like it. Think that next year I will make an advent calendar out of these with numbers on the front and using wire or pipe cleaners will make little 'buckets' out of them!

Happy holiday crafting!

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