Friday, June 12, 2009

Be Unique

I wanted to play with a few ideas in my head and these papers from a kit I got at Crop Suey were perfect! I just loved the little blue bird that stood out from all the others - so voila - the 'be unique' page came into play. So just needed a fun picture of my dear son (which wasn't very hard to find a silly pic). I had an old atlas I found at the lily-ann (fav second hand shop in town) and just played. I am not too happy with the 'stand out' as it looks like 'stan dout' by the way I stamped it .... oh well... imperfections make it more 'unique'.

Tried to have some details that were on the unique theme. So my thumb print, a barcode, and a owl stamp that I actually made (with inspiration from Hero Stamps) at a block printing crafty girls at the Art Hive put on by the fabulous Darby . Used up some old items like the photo corners, the unique metal embelli and some letter stickers that I covered with glitter.
The mushroom stamps were also in the Crop Suey kit. Just love those kits... must get more soon.

Thanks for looking!

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