Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sorry for the delay in coming back but things have been a little hectic. To sum things up my son and I have moved into an apartment, I am trying to learn how to adjust my schedule as a single parent, trying to recover from a very nasty bug, trying to unpack and fit my extremly downsided scraproom into a closet, trying to make our space fresh and new to make this transition easier for my son, trying to catch up on cyberland as I just got my new laptop this week..... and it's SPRING! Loving this time of year as it is a true sign of renewal!t. I came across this great site and signed up immediately!

Check it out!!  The Brave Girls Club is an online community showcasing beautiful workshops, retreats and ideas... Plus they have 'A little bird told me…Daily Truth emails' with beautiful sayings that are just what I need right now.... here's today's email.... So go and sign up and get a little breath of fresh air in your emails everyday!

Well I must go and shower (yes it is 11:47 am and it was my first day in a month to sleep in - and boy did I do that!!!!) and greet the day and try to get my to do list semi crossed off!

Bye for now!

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Denise said...

I have wondered how you were doing and so sorry I wasn't here before now. It's been a busy spirng and I don't have much free time as I am sure you understand! I hope you are settling in to you new home. You are brave!