Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ribbon Tape Tutorial and Ribbon Storage

If you haven't checked out my tutorial at Crop Suey here it is:
For my post I decided to do a little tutorial on fabric tape. I thought that since the lucky winner of this month's challenge will receive a huge selection of beautiful ribbon from May Arts that I would do a little tutorial on using your ribbon! I have been seeing so many beautiful fabric tape out there and have been having a hard time finding some in my local stores so I decided to try my hand at making my own. I am showing you a very super easy peasy method and I will link a few other great tutorials for a few other methods.

Supplies Needed:
* ribbon/fabric (dig in your left over stash as this is a great way to use them up)
* a Xyron sticker maker
* scissors
* bone folder (optional but it really helps)

Step 1: Cut strips of fabric or ribbon that will fit in your sticker maker (mine is the 1.5" wide)

Step 2: Place your ribbon/fabric strips into your Xyron and pull the sticker roll out and tear your fabric sticker out

Step 3: Using your bone folder or finger rub the sticker and peel the clear top sticker off

Step 4: Voila! Use it on your projects! Easy peasy!!

Here are a few links to a few different techniques
The Red Thread

How do you all organize your ribbons? I know the lucky winner of this month's challenge will be finding herself (or himself) in a pickle as what to do with all that ribbon so I thought I would share how I organize mine (since I have soooo much!).

I have tried many different ways and this way works the best for me. Sorry picture isn't very pretty.

What you will need:
* some kind of rack - I bought mine at Dollarama so super cheap!
* binder rings
* safety pins
* ribbon
* big ziplock bag
* binder clip
* hair straightner or iron

Step 1: organize your ribbon by colour (if you want) and take them off the spool if they are on one.

Step 2: If the piece was shorter than 1' I put them in the ziplock bag and if it was longer I ironed it (using my hair straightner :) Note: for the ziplock bag just open the binder ring and loop on the handle of the binder clip and clip onto ziplock.

Step 3: If they are super long, fold in half a few times and use the safety pin to pin them together or just pin the end if it's not too long

Step 4: put all like colours on one binder ring and hang.

I really love this idea as all my ribbon are sorted by colour which help and they are not wrinkled and stay wrinkle free. And all my little bits and pieces go in the bag.

Hope you enjoyed this post and will be inspired to try one of these techniques and use them on an up-coming project *wink*.

Bye for now!! Happy Creating!

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Denise said...

Stacy that is very smart to store your ribbon like that. You can actually SEE what you have. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!