Thursday, June 26, 2008

You Colour My World

This mini album was made for a class that I was teaching on making a mini album out of recycled materials. It was hard for me not to use any of my new products but I did make a rule that no product could be opened and only scrap paper could be used. The cover was made with an old fleece sweater I had that I dyed with acrylic paints. The paper underneath the cover picture is the wax paper I used to dye the shirt and buttons. His wings are part of the shirt as well that I put on a tin lid so that they would have shape. The stickers were just old ones I had. The bones of the album is made from flooring samples that were tossed out from our lumber yard. The ribbons were all scraps. The inside pages were all made with scraps as well. I did use an album that CD Muckosky has done as inspiration and did use some of her quotes on the inside tabs. Thanks for looking.

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Lana said...

what a FUN CUTE book!! lvoe the baby-shabby style to it!